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We feature a flat rate shipping charge for orders originating in the Continental United States.

We do not charge credit cards until the orders are shipped.

We will backorder any items not in stock and send them later if we feel that it is beneficial to both us and the customer to ship the available items instead of holding the entire order. If this is a problem please make a note of it when you place your order. 


  1. Prop #3003 For .19 to .35 Size Engine 1/8" Hole
  2. Prop #3004 for .19 to .35 Size Engine 3/16" Hole
  3. Prop #3002 For .09 Size Engine 1/8" Hole
  4. Prop #3001 for .049 Size Engine 1/8" Hole
  5. Cyanoacrylate Glue - Thick #8004
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